Accelerate end-to-end data validation for modern data platforms

Data and Analytics Testing Service Overview

Traditional technologies are reaching a tipping point in handling huge volumes of data, which has no boundaries, and is increasing multifold. Customers across the world are migrating to cloud-based data warehouses to handle the immense amounts of data that is being generated from a variety of sources. Organizations are facing multiple challenges like complex data validation at every checkpoint in cloud, data security in non-production environments, compliance adherence, data masking and provisioning in cloud, data quality of packages, right data for operational activities and customized data solutions and artifacts for clients who have just embarked on the data modernization journey.

Ximna Data and Analytics Testing offering enables an organization to address these challenges and has focused offerings for all data related use cases. It establishes a robust process and a controlled data validation strategy. The offering leverages Ximna IPs and open source tools to uncover data anomalies early in the phase and fast-track the entire QA cycle.

Ximna Data and Analytics Testing offering includes:

  • Data Modernization testing using native solutions
  • AI-led Test Data Management
  • Package Data Testing
  • Data Operations Testing
  • Core Data and Analytics testing

We offer a layered & automation first approach to validate transformations that leverage Poly/ Multi Cloud deployment models (Public, Private, Community & Hybrid) and service models (IaaS, PaaS & SaaS). Our assessment framework provides a strategy to determine the scope of testing (type & coverage) degree based on the various migration disposition types (Rehost, Refactor, Re-Platform, Rearchitect, Remediate etc.).

Our IP Tools

Our IP tools (Ximna Data Testing Workbench, Ximna Cloud Data Validation Solution, BI Tester, Migration factory, 4D++ framework, Ximna Enterprise Data Privacy Suite and Ximna Test Data Management solution) help companies achieve nearly 35% cycle time reduction, 100% test coverage and up to 25% effort reduction through Cloud Native and on-premise solutions, cognitive frameworks, Machine learning-led QA accelerators and a matured process repository.

Challenges & solutions

High testing cost and effort

Ximna Data and Analytics Testing offering leverages intelligent QA testing solutions to achieve reduced testing cost and faster time to market by nearly 35%

Complex and dynamic data validations at every checkpoint in cloud

Cloud Native solutions like Ximna Data Testing Workbench and Ximna Cloud Data Validation Solution take advantage of Cloud services to enable scalable validations in the new data architecture

Integrating new solutions into existing delivery pipeline

Data solutions like Ximna Data Testing Workbench, Ximna Cloud Data Validation Solution, ML-led TDM Solution like Ximna Test Data Management Suite, cognitive solutions like Extreme Data Automation will seamlessly and tightly integrate into automated CI/CD pipelines orchestration and be part of the shift left journey

Incomplete testing due to lack of end-to-end testing framework

Ximna Test Data Management Solution for modern data landscapes provides sensitive data discovery using ML based algorithms, data provisioning for cloud databases and self-service TDM Portal

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