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The COVID-19 pandemic has deeply impacted manufacturers globally, from demand declines and supply disruption to employee health and safety risks. But it has also thrown light on key areas of digitization, automation, employee welfare and commercial models that can be built upon to create more resilient manufacturing systems in future.

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Connected Vehicles

The Ximna Automotive practice implements connected vehicle programs for ‘smarter’ transportation. Our services span business consulting services, infotainment application development, mobile application architecture design, data analytics solutions, and technology product / platform development. Our artificial intelligence solutions are building blocks for autonomous locomotion. Real-time access to vehicle, driver behavior, roadside infrastructure, traffic, and GPS data facilitates accurate automated maneuvering, and improves vehicle performance, road safety as well as traffic management.

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Networking & Embedded Engineering

The Ximna Automotive practice develops networking and embedded engineering solutions to enhance the performance and reliability of powertrains, enable on-board diagnostics, improve safety, and enhance vehicle design aesthetics. The Ximna Emerging Technologies Center of Excellence capitalizes on artificial intelligence, modeling tools and machine learning to improve sense-analyze-notify capabilities of digital assets.

Our embedded systems include controller devices and sensors for engine control (fuel injectors, engine speed, coolant temperature, and fuel pump), cruise control (automatic landing and autonomous navigation), safety (brake and airbags), driver assistance (night vision and information systems), interiors (climate control, infotainment and displays), and statutory compliance (emissions and noise pollution).

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Dealer Systems

The Ximna Automotive practice capitalizes on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) to develop robust dealer management systems. We modernize business processes and applications to boost sales, enhance pre-sales support, enable real-time data transfer, and support maintenance applications. Our team replaces legacy dealer systems with custom-built web applications and digital sales tools. Digital walls and interactive modules for vehicle display and real-time pricing ensure that customers make informed purchase decisions at dealer outlets.

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