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Our Industry Expertise

Part of our software development work involves staying up-to-date on our specialty industries. We know what works best, what works mostly, and what doesn’t. When a client has a problem in a particular field, we take proactive action to ensure that other clients don’t get the same or similar issues. If there are industry-related laws, cybersecurity, or IT technologies, we grasp about it and fulfill due diligence for our customers.

Industry Expertise / 01


Your agriculture enterprise needs to sustain food supply while ensuring that produce is nutritious and safe for consumption. You need to respond to shifts in diet such as veganism, dietary choices such as free range and organic produce, and culinary preferences such as food and beverage pairings.

Industry Expertise / 02


Retail is only as strong as its weakest link. You need to be resilient in the face of disruption. Serve shoppers at the moment of truth and curate a bespoke experience. A digital ecosystem aligns demand with supply and delivers an omni-channel experience. Navigate the new normal with Ximna and become more resilient.

Industry Expertise / 03

Logistics & Distribution

Logistics is fraught with risk, disruption, and loss. A smooth freight journey demands a digital ecosystem for granular real-time visibility. Capitalize on AI to sense and respond to anomalies. Implement blockchain to monitor freight and authenticate contracts. Manage the moving parts of logistics with Ximna and become more resilient.

Industry Expertise / 04


The COVID-19 pandemic has deeply impacted manufacturers globally, from demand declines and supply disruption to employee health and safety risks. But it has also thrown light on key areas of digitization, automation, employee welfare and commercial models that can be built upon to create more resilient manufacturing systems in future.

Industry Expertise / 05


The current crisis is severely testing the health care ecosystem. The pandemic has emphasized a need for increased patient focus to help build a more resilient supply chain. It also underlines the need for healthcare organizations to scale up on the adoption of digital technologies to help manage customer experience effectively.

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