Ximna Combines Data-Driven Analytics And IP Assets To Drive Growth Across Retail Segments

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Retail is only as strong as its weakest link. You need to be resilient in the face of disruption. Serve shoppers at the moment of truth and curate a bespoke experience. A digital ecosystem aligns demand with supply and delivers an omni-channel experience. Navigate the new normal with Solarix and become more resilient.

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Digital Customer Engagement

The Ximna Retail practice offers digital transformation services for customer-oriented retailing. Our digital customer engagement solutions deliver a personalized, omni-channel experience. Digital solutions maximize the lifetime value of customers by engaging and influencing customers at the moment of purchase.

We establish a customer data integration strategy as part of our enterprise information management programs. We capture data from diverse sources to provide you with a 360-degree customer view. Our centralized customer database incorporates demographic and psychographic data, preferences, in-store and online shopping behavior, customer service records, and transaction history including returns, exchanges and promotional sales.

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Omni-Channel Commerce

The Ximna Retail practice offers cloud-based omni-channel solutions at the intersection of conventional, digital and mobile commerce. Omni-channel retailing provides customers with a personalized, channel-agnostic experience across touch points.

Ximna reengineers business processes to address organizational, technical and logistical challenges in the seamless movement of products between channels. We help you offer flexible delivery models, including click-and-collect and the exchange of online purchases at retail stores.

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Supply Chain

The Ximna Retail practice implements advanced supply chain applications to manage the flow of a wide assortment of products from the point of order to fulfillment.

Our data-oriented supply chain processes offer visibility into status and lead time. It helps you minimize inventory overheads while ensuring the success of your omni-channel retail program.

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