Assuring success of cloud modernization and migration transformation journeys

Cloud Testing Service Overview

Business growth, customer experience and optimization are driving clients towards ambitious digital journeys through cloud adoption. Despite the increasing popularity of cloud, its transformation and migration journeys are often riddled with challenges due to the dynamic nature of the cloud environment. Organizations face a range of issues in their cloud journeys:  

  • Infrastructure instability issues like configuration failures, network connectivity, reliability, security, service availability etc.
  • Cloud data migration related issues like data model design issues, data truncation and data loss issues, missing or duplicate record issues
  • Functional issues like container-based integration between applications, application availability, compatibility issues, interoperability issues, services integration issues
  • Non-functional issues like resiliency, scalability, benchmark metrics, continuous monitoring, single point failures and failover

This in turn increases total cost of ownership and at the same time adversely impacts customer loyalty and sales conversions. To accelerate time-to-market, organizations need holistic testing solutions that cater to various cloud transformation journeys.

Ximna Cloud Testing offering empowers organizations to address these challenges with shift-left and shift-right testing offerings for all cloud transformation related use cases e.g. Custom Application migration, Data on Cloud, Legacy Modernization, Cloud Native Application, SaaS packages.

We offer a layered & automation first approach to validate transformations that leverage Poly/ Multi Cloud deployment models (Public, Private, Community & Hybrid) and service models (IaaS, PaaS & SaaS). Our assessment framework provides a strategy to determine the scope of testing (type & coverage) degree based on the various migration disposition types (Rehost, Refactor, Re-Platform, Rearchitect, Remediate etc.).

Our Cloud Testing Solutions

Our Solutions, Ximna Cloud Quality Assessment and Transformation Framework, Ximna Cloud Infrastructure Validations, Ximna Cloud Data Validation Solution, Ximna Data Testing Workbench, SaaS solution – Ximna Package Test Automation platform, In Container Hybrid QA Framework, Ximna LegMap solution, Ximna framework for API & Services testing and Ximna Microservices Performance testing, are integrated in Ximna Quality Engineering platform.

One of the key attributes of efficient delivery to our customers is the partnership with Cloud Hyperscalers and SaaS service providers. We have strategic partnership with Cloud Hyperscalers (AWS, Azure, GCP, OCI) and SaaS service providers (SAP, SFDC, PEGA, Oracle Fusion) that contribute to the improvement of their Marketplace through our solutions.

Ximna has a dedicated Cloud practice with industry certified Cloud Architects (AWS, Azure, GCP, OCI) and Security professionals (certified security consultants CEH, CISSP, PCI-DSS, etc.)

Flexi licensing, higher discounting models through vendor alliance partnerships help make it a cost-effective offering for our clients.

All the above aspects help organizations achieve ~35% cycle time reduction, 70% increase in productivity & zero critical defects in production.

Service Offerings​

Ximna Cloud Testing offering focusses on four key areas in the Digital Transformation pyramid

Cloud Testing Services / 01

Infrastructure Testing

  • Cloud Platform Validation – Validation of landing zones as well as foundation for desired state configurations through Operational Acceptance Testing, Operational Readiness Testing
  • Operational Readiness – Testing of Disaster Recovery, Fail-over, High availability and Resiliency
Cloud Testing Services / 02

Data Testing

  • Data Migration Testing – Testing for Datacentre migration from on-premise source to cloud target
  • Data Lake Validation – Validation of Data Lake being setup on Cloud, Data ingestion test, Test Data Management
Cloud Testing Services / 03

Functional Testing

  • Validation of Cloud Native microservices and containerized applications on Cloud
  • Testing of legacy applications being modernized and migrated to Cloud
Cloud Testing Services / 03

Non-Functional Testing

  • Performance – Reliability, Chaos engineering, Resiliency, High availability, and Scalability of Applications on Cloud
  • Security Vulnerability – Validation on Cloud across IaaS, PaaS & SaaS – OWASP, Penetration, Encryption and IAM tests

Challenges & solutions

Incorrect setup of foundation leading to platform instability

DevOps integrated Ximna Cloud Infrastructure Validation (ICIV) Solution performs automated validation on mismatches in operational unit, benchmark checks, secure by design checks, shared services configurations, security vulnerabilities, networking as well as wrong templates and blueprints used for setup. It helps with faster time to market by nearly 35%.

Complex and dynamic data validations at every checkpoint in cloud

Cloud Native solutions like Ximna Data Testing Workbench and Ximna Cloud Data Validation Solution take advantage of Cloud services to enable scalable validations in the new data architecture

Assess Single Point of Failure

Perform continuous monitoring of Cloud infra applications for load balancing & availability, and set them up to track and raise alert about any emergency

Ability to test at high loads on-demand at low costs

Cloud Reliability Testing, Testing of Cloud Performance for Scalability and Availability.

Containerized auto-scaling test tool platform for on-demand distributed load simulation.

Source code bugs and application vulnerability

With DevSecOps approach, perform automatic static application security testing of the code and dynamic application security testing of applications

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