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API / Microservice Testing Service Overview

Ximna has a comprehensive approach and framework that ensures high-quality APIs for successful digital transformation, DevOps and agile adoption, and continuous validation programs for enterprises.

Our API testing approach aims at testing each service and gradually building an end-to-end testing solution for the middleware stack leading to savings of up to 40% by early defect detection, up to 20% reduction in overall testing efforts and improved overall test execution schedule by up to 25%.

How Ximna API Test Automation Solution helps enterprises

Ximna API Test Automation solution is a lightweight API testing tool that provides a scalable hybrid framework (keyword-driven instruction library and data-driven testing) to enable faster testing in both traditional SOAP and modern API/Microservices based SOA architecture.

Challenges & solutions

Expedite the process of API development and deployment for a reduction in testing cycle time

Ximna API Test Platform is a lightweight, scalable and portable framework that provides the ability to integrate using continuous integration tools, supports progressive functional automation, making it the perfect fit for agile / DevOps models

Large consumer base of APIs demands higher regression testing for every change

Progressive automation at unit level and reuse for system test and regression

Heterogeneous technology landscape and distributed provider data lead to frequent disruptions and dependencies.

Ximna Test Virtualization offering provides an uninterrupted seamless availability of enterprise landscape by virtualizing various layers of landscape such as services, data, environment and devices. Ximna Test Virtualization Solution accelerates project lifecycle by enabling smarter test environments through virtualization across application landscape and technologies.

Unlimited usage necessitates more performance and scalability testing

Customized non-functional approaches validate the performance and security of APIs to provide better confidence to both providers as well as consumers

Wider exposure of APIs and the sensitive data they carry makes them vulnerable to attacks and mandates more security testing

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