Digital Platforms

Join The Platform Economy

Building strong product differentiation, trusted brand name, and huge R&D budgets is good, but sadly, no longer enough to create a stable and profitable business model. Exploit the power of platforms and bring together producers and consumers in high-value exchanges. Build ideas, business models, and content that disrupts and transforms markets. Develop a platform ecosystem powered by digital partners and community of users to foster continuous innovation.

Our Differentiators

Leveraging technologies like augmented intelligence, robotic process automation, big data analytics, and internet of things, we help our clients become customer centric, frugal, and insight driven. Our unique IPs deliver contextual information and drive inspired interactions that accelerate value creation.

Ignite The Change

Proximity Marketing

Leverage beacons technology to boost in-store traffic, understand customer preferences, increase customer loyalty, analyze product performance statistics in real-time, and enhance customer engagements.

Digital Contact Center Modernization

Transform a call center into intelligent engagement center to enhance customer, agent, and supervisor journeys. Create new operational and strategic capabilities and convert a traditional cost center to profit center.

Managed Content As A Service (MCaaS™)

Create a smart, seamless, and connected content flow to deliver enhanced customer experiences and enable effective content monetization.

Digital Customer On Boarding (DCOB™)

Improve Customer Effort Score (CES), Reduced COB time, and lower cost per COB. Digitally disrupt the disconnected customer on boarding process.

IoT Platforms

Deploy secure and scalable IoT solutions at speed. Leverage existing platforms to enable smart industries, smart living, and smart enterprises.

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