Modernize your data landscape with Ximna Data Analytics

Data Modernization Service Overview

Modernize your data landscape with Ximna Data Analytics. Our aim is to ‘help enterprises become analytics-driven’, to ‘monetize data’ by ‘modernizing their data landscape’. Modernization is not the same for every enterprise and is highly contextual to every enterprise that we consult and partner with. Hence, the focus of modernization today is more about renewing the enterprise to deliver their specific business goals, and not confine to pure play cost reduction, and technology play to stay relevant. From a data landscape perspective, this means creating data solutions that are future ready, scalable, real-time, high speed, and agile. Hence, focusing on aligning to a cloud-first strategy with help and reducing costs by consolidating disparate solutions becomes a key. On the back of transformed landscapes, customers will look for agility with self-service, high performance and intuitive visualizations-based analytics.

Traditional enterprise data warehouses and operational data stores are experiencing a tipping point in terms of the data explosion, data latency and increasing data management cost, along with ever-increasing business process complexities. Dealing with this issue would require data landscape modernization, with the aim of renewing its infrastructure to reach zero latency in data and insights – an infrastructure that scales 100x with 1/100x latency and 1/100x cost, and provides intelligent insights to aid in the business decision making process. Many enterprises are struggling to keep pace in this journey of modernization.

This transformational journey must be an evolving one and will need to be followed up with strategies for continual modernization. However, existing enterprise data platforms are faced with challenges that prevent them from building an information-driven business culture.

By trying to address scalability, latency and cost-related challenges faced by the client, we are trying to address the challenges presented by the existing system. A new reality, where there is no longer a divide between the physical and digital worlds, is one that Ximna is helping its clients drive in a significant way with. We are working to bring all the thinking, abilities, experience, and skills to acquire, analyze and monetize the explosion of data by enabling a data landscape that scales 100x with 1/100x latency and 1/100x cost.

What are we trying to solve with Modernization?

Globally, customers are looking to transform to an analytics-driven enterprise and thereby be able to monetize their data for customer intimacy, operational efficiency and new revenue models. This is blocked by today’s ageing and complex data landscapes, and its inability to discover & deliver information rapidly. Therefore, there is a shift in Modernization focus from technology adoption & cost optimization to aligning tightly to key business imperatives.

Optimize: Multiple data marts, enterprise data warehouses, and reporting tools exist in enterprises today. This makes the ecosystem complex, costly and difficult to discover data. Enterprise data warehouses are peaking due to the increase in data and processing complexity. With the Data Optimization offerings, Ximna helps Enterprises to consolidate, reduce complexity, and stay on current versions in the data ecosystem.

Transform: With the Data Transformation offerings, we help enterprises create Data Lakes and Data Hubs, and enable and fast-track their cloud adoption. These solutions significantly reduce end-to-end data processing time, address performance issues with visualization, leading to reduced time-to-insights and ETL complexities.

Digitize: From our experience, we have seen enterprises spend 70-80% of their time on data acquisition and blending in their analytics projects. With our digitization offerings, comprising of new-age solutions, we provide data scientists with an easy-to-use environment. With drag drop-capability and advanced features like text analytics, enterprises can significantly reduce the time spent on data acquisition, thus enabling enterprises with self-service-based insights and intuitive visualizations for enhanced user experience

Modernize your data landscape with Xima Data Analytics

Data Modernization offerings help build and deliver a data ecosystem that is leaner, agile and adaptive, empowering enterprises with real-time insights.

With the Data Modernization offerings, Ximna helps enterprises to take stock of their current data environment and help them to Optimize, Transform and Digitize it, ultimately helping the enterprises to reduce time-to-insights.

  • Managing Scale – Increase scale by 100x.
    Increase the scale of current data platforms with the following initiatives.

  • Reduce Latency – 100x Faster availability of data for faster decision making.
    Data capture Latency and Information processing latency are the key factors for faster decision making.

  • Managing Cost – 1/100x cost to deliver scalable application for the future.
    There will always be a continued need to achieve higher level of reduced latency, along with scalability at a reduced cost.

Challenges & solutions


Increase the scale of the current data platform


Quicker Data capturing and Information processing that are key factors for faster decision making


Achieve higher level of reduced Latency along with scalability at a reduced cost, to deliver scalable application for the future

Ensuring customer loyalty and reducing customer churn

Understand customer behavior better to improve customer experience with data driven insights

Efficient business operations & processes

Utilizing predictive data led insights to bring in automation & insight-driven operations

Mitigating and safeguarding the organizations from risks

Embedding analytics into business processes to contain & prevent fraud or risks

Identifying newer revenue streams

Leverage analytics to discover new markets

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