Ximna Unveils Product-Centric Delivery Model by using Agile and DevOps to Empower and Accelerate Business Outcomes

Agile and Devops Solutions Overview

Ximna helps clients strengthen customer centricity and accelerate business outcomes and innovation.

With a product-centric value delivery approach, we take an end to end view of the value chain. Our lean-based value stream management and customer experience design expertise enable clients to re-imagine their customer journeys and organize for value. Our Agile and DevOps services, augmented with a data-first live engineering approach are adapted for the heterogeneous enterprise and aid infuse agility across the value stream.

Our Offerings​

Enterprise Agile DevOps capabilities and solutions to help clients succeed

Agile Consulting

Ximna Agile Consulting helps organizations realize faster time to value while ensuring quality, predictability, reliability, and efficiency.

Guided by lean principles and an end-to-end view of the value chain, Ximna has successfully helped many global organizations transform to agile ways of working.

Ximna Agile services are backed by deep knowledge of organization change management, distributed agile, and agile scaling frameworks along with agile tooling, training, and coaching capabilities.

With Ximna Agile Consulting Services, organizations can:

  • Achieve no-touch automation to improve reliability, repeatability, quality, security, and speed
  • Define the agile transformation strategy and roadmap
  • Transition from project to product-based models
  • Implement agile at scale
  • Establish outcome-oriented measurement framework
  • Embrace effective distributed-agile ways of working
  • Successfully manage organizational change


Ximna DevOps services help enterprises modernize their landscape so they can become agile and innovate faster even in turbulent markets.

We accelerate the entire value stream by implementing DevOps for all technologies including legacy, packages, cloud and implementing DevSecOps. Our DevOps services also scale implementation to the enterprise level, delivering benefits like improved time-to-market and quality as well as reduced effort and cost.

With Ximna DevOps, enterprises can:

  • Achieve no-touch automation to improve reliability, repeatability, quality, security, and speed
  • Scale DevOps at enterprise level across distributed technologies, legacy, packages, on-premises, cloud, and more
  • Implement DevOps holistically across people, process and technology
  • Rapidly onboard applications using platform approach and our repository of over 100 tools, accelerators and frameworks

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